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We are a technology investment partnership building a limited number of uniquely transformative enterprises

Hanover has a proven track record of profitably scaling early-stage technology companies into durable enterprises. Two distinct strategies currently guide our investments. The first focuses on cloud and internet; the second focuses on the resource revolution.


Powering a resource revolution

The monumental shift taking place in how energy is produced, delivered, stored and disposed of is creating one of the greatest opportunities for investment we will see in our lifetime. Energy from renewables is cheaper and more abundant than ever. New business models are being introduced. A greening of the industry is taking place, coinciding with global reshoring and realignment.

Global demand for low-carbon energy sources, together with increasing decentralization and democratization of energy, have laid the foundation for a resource revolution. The electrification of industry, consumer and mobility, and the arrival of cutting-edge manufacturing processes are providing unprecedented opportunity.

Resource revolution investment strategy
Our investment strategy focuses on four specific areas of opportunity:
Clean energy
A growing need for baseload renewable energy to support commerce, industry, and families.
Renewable industrials
A broad-based preference shift away from petrochemicals toward renewable feedstocks with impact in large global industries: steel, cement, fertilizer, chemicals, synfuel.
Distributed energy orchestration (internet of power)
Orchestration of distribution, generation, consumption, and dispatch requires low-level networking protocols and routing logic.
Manufacturing revolution
Lights-off automation coming to more sectors, additive/software-driven building, onshoring, supply chain resiliency and visibility requirements are increasing.
Value Proposition

Hanover has extensive experience building world-class energy and technology businesses. We take the founders and companies we are already building to drive the resource revolution, and replace external growth equity with in-sourced capital to move faster.

Our team has built some of the most important solar energy, battery and hydrogen energy companies to come out of Silicon Valley in the past decade.

We’re serious about this investment thesis because we think it’s the right way to build a powerful, high-return portfolio. And yes, it's aligned with the long-term interests of all the humans in the world.

Our value proposition for energy transition investors
Proven technological leadership with expertise from silicon to code
Track record of building public EPS+ companies with negative carbon
Proprietary talent pipeline in clean / energy tech: semis, manufacturing, finance
Third Hanover fund with well established systems for entry/exit/audit
Partner profiles mean technical founders come to us first
Latest news from Hanover Resource Revolution
Complete solaria press
Two superstar investors go all-in on Complete Solaria merger

John Doerr and T.J. Rodgers put their money on vertically integrated residential solar.

Enphase press
Enphase Energy Non-GAAP EPS of $1.37 beats by $0.15, revenue of $726.02M beats by $5.51M

Enphase Energy press release (NASDAQ:ENPH): Q1 Non-GAAP EPS of $1.37 beats by $0.15.

Ohmium press
Ohmium, NTPC to partner on largest-ever deal for green hydrogen electrolysers in India

Ohmium’s advanced green hydrogen technology will be used by India’s largest power company to decarbonize energy, transport, and ammonia projects.

Novohydrogen press
NovoHydrogen to develop 120-MW green H2 project in New Jersey

TigerGenCo LLC (TGC), the operator of the Bayonne Energy Center in New Jersey, has teamed up with NovoHydrogen to develop a 120-MW green hydrogen project to cut the Bayonne plant’s reliance on natural gas.

Cloud &

Pace-setting investment in software-first technology companies

Our cloud and computing funds build software companies that harness the power of specialized compute to deliver more output for less input in the real world. We are focused on companies that we believe can ultimately achieve an enterprise value of more than $5 billion on an attractive profile of, at minimum, 45-15-30. We invest early, secure pro rata and take our pro rata variably based on a revisited holistic evaluation of technical progress, hiring and sales.

Key focus sectors include:
Deep tech
Data and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), AI tooling and infrastructure.
Developer tools and ops
Code is the new prime mover of the world –– the one and only source of business leverage. Next generation of breakout software companies will service code and coders.
Smart enterprise
SaaS Dynamism creates more fractured market. Developer tools make it easier than ever to adopt new technologies, fueling market growth.
Distributed infrastructure and containers call for new security solutions. A generation of breakout security companies dedicated to attenuating harm, not erecting firewalls.
Energy orchestration
Dramatic learning curves in clean energy are accompanied by new opportunities to buy, sell, store, and trade energy.
Revitalization of NA manufacturing, Silicon, Automated, Supply chain integrity emphasis from all major buyers / China realignment.
Featured partnerships
Latest news from Hanover Cloud and Computing
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How smart is your dock door?

Most people think of a warehouse dock door as basically a “hole in the wall.” But these days, that dock door may boast some of the most advanced tech tools to ever hit the logistics sector: artificial intelligence technology (AI).

Elementl press
Elementl raises $33M Series B for its data orchestration platform based on Dagster

Elementl, a startup that is building a data platform based on the popular Dagster orchestrator, today announced that it has raised a $33 million Series B round led by Georgian.

Cardless Announces $75 Million Credit Facility From i80 Group

The fintech company that provides custom co-branded credit card products also received angel investment from The Points Guy founder, Brian Kelly.

Mattermost brings generative AI power to open-source collaboration

Collaboration platform vendor Mattermost has expanded its namesake open-source technology to enable security conscious organizations to better integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Galvanick press
Galvanick Announces $10 Million in Seed Funding for Its Industrial Cybersecurity Platform

Co-founded by former Senior Director for Cyber on the National Security Council, Galvanick provides an end-to-end cybersecurity platform for industrial operators.

Sourcegraph press
Developers embrace AI Tools but face ‘Big Code’ challenges, survey finds

Artificial intelligence is both the best and worst thing to happen to developers, engineering leaders and companies as a whole, according to a new report from Sourcegraph, a code-intelligence platform that helps developers navigate and understand large and complex codebases.

Premise press
New Premise Poll Reveals 56% of Americans Agree with House Jan. 6th Committee That Trump was Responsible for the Attack at the Capitol

Premise released the results of a poll conducted to gauge public perception on the two-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack at the Capitol. 

Kargo press
Kargo, which powers supply chain visibility with smart loading docks and data, raises $25M

Kargo, a company that promises freight and logistics companies full visibility into their operations, has raised $25 million in a series A round of funding.

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