we support Exceptional teams pursing global opportunities through durable and defensible technical advantage

A private technology investment partnership in Menlo Park, California, we invest in transformative early-stage technology companies in the first stages of growth. In the past, we have been fortunate to support entrepreneurs whose companies have gone on to reorder a number of industries, including global security and intelligence, enterprise sales and marketing, mortgage origination, payroll, software development tooling, cybersecurity, agriculture, advertising, and other spaces.

We identify companies early, after they have developed their products, made durable technology innovations, identified their markets, formed their core team, and explored their first vectors for selling; but we typically invest before they have sold significant stakes to large investment firms. We primarily invest through our personal network.

Our Investor Base

We invest for a diverse, sophisticated, global investor base that is broadly composed of the family offices of men and women who have built very large businesses. Globally recognized leaders from finance, media, real estate, and semiconductors, among others, are investors in our fund. We are committed to our investors, with whom we have longstanding and meaningful relationships.