All sound technology investments have at their core a cost-down proposition. The customer will be able to do more for less

At Hanover, we meet a lot of clever battery technologists. Few focus as doggedly as they should on cost. Whether cost is saved in material inputs or manufacturing or both, cost is the sine qua non in the battery industry. In mass-market batteries for EVs and light industrial equipment, we're extremely excited about Bedrock Materials. Bedrock reduces the cost of electric vehicles through the commercialization of sodium-ion battery (SIB) materials–that is, batteries that employ sodium, not lithium, ions as charge carriers.

We partnered with Bedrock when we recognized that the team is ready to accomplish the 'hard thing' at scale: the manufacture of engineered electrode materials–a suite of domestically produced chemical powders that allow the world’s battery makers to produce SIBs at scale to attractive cost targets.

Joseph Malchow Partner at Hanover

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