Selected areas of current investment interest: applications of backpropagation techniques for specific large industries, especially in energy and finance; security for consumers and businesses; next-generation dev tooling; secure messaging; search; agriculture; construction and real estate. Consumer internet is not, generally speaking, our area of focus. We spend most of our time with highly technical founding teams. And the closer to Silicon Valley, the better.

Some of the people and principles that inform our investing are collected here.

For a list of current and past portfolio companies, ask around.

For a brief biography of Joseph Malchow, click here or view the sometimes accurate page on Wikipedia.

To help us evaluate investments and investment concepts, develop theories about the future of certain industries, consumer behaviors, economic trends, or political forms, we hire fellows annually. Fellows come principally from within the Stanford community. The Fellowship is one year long. We do not hire associates or other investment professionals.

The best way to reach us is in person or through an introduction.


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